Holiday time!
You guys did it!
Come back tomorrow and do it again!
(23:14:08 remaining)
Make a raffle
Just make a raffle, that's all there is to this one
Turn in!
Comment on a friend's profile
Spread some holiday cheer or something!
Turn in!
Do something else awesome
I don't know, you figure it out
Turn in!
No more tasks. Come back tomorrow!
Increase bar
There has to be a better way to phrase this
Raffle ticket
For one raffle? Multiple? Who knows!
Santa hat
#hatception #hatpocalypse
Notes (toggle)
  • The "Shop" section is going to be easy because it's basically all the same CSS as the "Tasks"
  • You can "ready" each task in the controls below, and then click "Turn in!" to turn them in
  • Also if it wasn't clear, I'm building this "for mobile" right now; I'll add the column stuff based on screen width last, it's better to just focus on each part first
  • The text is filler, obviously :P
  • If anyone's concerned about the "depth" stuff, as in, the look of this stuff defies the "flat" look of the rest of the site, ask me about it, I have a complete defense prepared
Tasks (toggle)
task 1: unready | ready
task 2: unready | ready
task 3: unready | ready
Bar (toggle)
each "point" is a user spending one of their limited number of points toward filling the bar

(for when the clock rolls over to midnight or whatever)

try pressing , then , then mash for awhile to see how it's going to look as they hit the goal