avatar hat system

This is a raster hat template. It is the same size as the avatar, but shifted up and to the left by 25% of the height/width of the avatar.

This is the raster hat template again, just to show what it looks like on its own. I made a vector template in Illustrator, too, but it's just a circle where the avatar would go, so it doesn't look as fancy.

2016 Love Hat

It's a love hat.

2016 Hate Hat

Best hat name.

2015 Santa hat, level 1

Notice the subtle drop-shadow on the hat to make it pop out against even white backgrounds.

2015 Santa hat, level 2
2015 Santa hat, level 3

Is it Australium? Is it just soaked in Jarate? The world may never know.

Simple dunce hat used for testing :v

Some notes: